About Us

There are many martial arts studio’s through out the East Valley and Arizona that impact the lives of youth in a positive way.   We applaud not only martial arts school but all programs that help youth to overcome emotional and physical challenges that is associated with early child development and the growing pains of teen pressures.   Will our program help students learn to be more focused? YES.  Will our program help our students become more disciplined  person? YES.  Will our program help your child in his or her secular studies? YES.       Arizona Premier Martial Arts Academy is anchored by Traditional Japanese Karate and we are all about RESPECT.

So Why Us ?

How are we different than other “Karate” schools?

Today there are well over a 100 different off shoots of karate (To name a few: Taekwondo, Kempo Karate, Freestyle Karate, Sport Karate, Kajukenbo, Mixed Martial Arts, etc…) and here in the East Valley there is practically a martial arts school on every major cross street.

Why not settle for the closest Martial Arts School?  3 Reasons

1. Affiliation: 

We are an accredited karate school with high standards.  Our curriculum is governed by the Karate-nomichi World Federation (KWF), which is a World Class Karate Federation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  All  belt levels attained in our Karate School is approved and recognized by Karate-nomichi World Federation.

Ultimately, this means that when you achieve Black Belt status your Certification will come from Head Quarters and signed by the head of KWF organization.  Hence, your Black Belt will be recognized world wide and not just only in the East Valley, Arizona or the U.S.  Rest assured as a student that all your time and effort is properly placed in a legitimate Karate organization.

2. Certified Instructor:

KWF, affiliated Karate School and its instructor’s go through rigorous training and examination to meet the mandatory qualifications to be able impart karate instruction. Thus, the level of quality and knowledge of karate being taught is of the highest standards.

Our instructor’s attend KWF Karate Seminars a minimum three times a year for continuing education.  Our instructors are actively on the path of self mastery.

3. Karate Passion & Responsibility:

We are passionate about being KARATE-KAS (One who practices Karate), We are devoted to this art form and we don’t just teach to teach.

As instructors of karate it is our responsibility to train much harder than our students so that we can help them in the pursuit karate mastery, because we are on the path and know the direction that leads to karate excellence.

You will not find a “Master” here but rather a fellow student of the art.  We walk this path together has friends, mentors and as a karate family.  We take the  role of mentorship of our students  with utmost importance and seriousness. Karate is not our business, but rather our way of life. We honor the role we play in our community and because of this we strive to be the best in what we do.