Karate 2015 Schedule full page

Little Tigers: is still being offered 3 times a week

White & Yellow Belt: is also still being offered 2 times a week

Orange and above: is being offered 3 times a week ( in the past we have asked you to attend white and yellow belt class if the schedule of Orange & above schedule was to difficult to attend. Now that we are offering it 3 times a week we hope that you can bring your children to time specified for their ranking. Also keep in mind that All belt class is still a great option for orange and above to attend.

Beginners is a new class that is geared towards Student that have been practicing karate for less than 4 weeks. If you have been coming to karate for more than 4 weeks we ask you kindly to attend “White & Yellow Belt Class or All Belt Class”

******** Adult Classes *********  (Completely New on our Schedule)
The focus and curriculum of this class is still based on Traditional Karate, but the focus on conditioning and intensity is geared more towards teens and adults. For parents who have their children enrolled into our Karate program this would be a great way for you to learn the art of Karate and also help and support your children and be able to identify with them on an art form that you are both learning together.