Conduct & Etiquette


Observe the Dojo Kun. 

Personal cleanliness is a must. 

No shoes on the training floor. 

Wear a clean white gi and the appropriate belt for one’s rank. 

Never interrupt sensei or another student’s training. Wait until the instructor is available to help. 

Keep the dojo clean inside and out. If you see something that indicates otherwise, don’t wait for someone else to correct it. This is part of your training. 

Be punctual.  Always arrive in time to change into your gi before class begins. 

No profanity.

No watches, rings, hairpins, headbands, scarves or jewelry of any kind. 

No decoration allowed on gi. 

Always practice with safety in mind.

If you are ill or overly tired, do not attempt to train. 

Inform instructor of any wounds or injuries right away. 

Use of drugs or alcohol before class is strictly prohibited. 

Students participating in class move quickly to linup when class is called. 

Students with long hair must tie it back during training.

Fingernail and toenails must be kept short. 

Bow when entering or leaving the dojo floor. 

No leaving practice, except with the permission of the instructor. 

No talking. 

Line up for meditation.  Line up by rank, or by seniority if of equal rank.

Wait for the person on the right to kneel before you kneel,


Senior students should always set a good example in respect, demeanor, etiquette, practice, cleaning and care of the dojo, personal appearance and courtesy.  Senior students should take the initiative to make friends with new students and make them feel at home.  Advanced karate-ka should help younger karate-ka with their gi, obi, bowing onto the floor and warm-ups.  Older students must pay attention to the safety of younger students.  Sempais must make sure that children behave before, during, and after class.  Running, playing games and using equipment without instructor supervision is prohibited.  Advanced students must help younger students by always striving to set a good example.  The dojo must be a safe and warm place where all students feel welcome.