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Shoto-kai is the true discipline of Karate-Do and was established over 90 years ago by the originator of modern Karate-Do, Master Gichin Funakoshi.

Our system of Karate is  deeply Rooted in heritage that stems back to its lineage to one of the most traditional schools of Shotokan Karate  (Kenkojuku founded in Tokyo Japan 1942 by Tomosaburo Okano under the permission of Master Gichin Funakoshi).

Shotokai has been providing men, women, and children with quality martial arts instruction here in the US since late 1960’s under Master Toyotaro Miyazaki. Our Primary focus is to create an environment that enables students to develop intellectually, physically and ethically.

Here at SHOTOKAI USA, we pride ourselves in our student curriculum and class structure.  Our goal is the development of an ethical and sound character building by following a strict Code of Morals.

DOJO KUN“Art of Karate Lies Not in Victory or Defeat, but in the Perfection of the Character of its Participants” – Master Gichin Funakoshi
ARIZONA CHAPTER, is lead by Ralph Palomino a certified Black Belt Instructor with over 25 years of experience who teaches authentic Karate.

 Dojo Moto: “Inner Strength with Outward Humility”

Okano Sensei
Okano Sensei